The Villa Guardatoia Garden

The Villa Guardatoia Garden, a historic dwelling of the 17th century, is located in the beautiful Valdinievole, between Pistoia and Lucca, it's a typical Italian garden that winds on the back of the Villa in two large quadrangular terraces joined by a walkway.

New openings by the end of march to june and september.

History and tradition are mixed, through plants, colors, taste; all taken care of by the young botanist Pietro Von Schweinichen and kept to its splendor by the gardeners of Mati, Pistoia.

A botanical path between roses and ancient camellias, aromatic plants, aquatic plants and bitter oranges, to be observed immersed in a timeless atmosphere.

Visitors can also walk in the contiguous pergola, a cypress wood, an oasis of peace, cool, shade and silence.

Combined with the visits, the tasting of two excellences of the Pescia Territory, the Valdinievole Vinsanto DOC and the extra virgin olive oil, both produced by Marzalla, the family company.

The Villa Guardatoia Garden is a special place for children, including walks in the countryside and activities.  

The Openings

For details on the planning, consult the single event.

The openings will be suspended from mid-October to mid-March, except for possible individual events that will be available on this page.

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Wine Tasting

Accompanying the visit of the Villa, tastings in the garden of the Family Company's products. The wine production of the Guardatoia dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century. Today, at Guardatoia you could taste a wide range of products, ranging from Valdinievole's Vinsanto Doc, to red and white wine IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) and to Grappa and millefiori honey, sided with some of the Tuscan food excellences, both sweet and savory, like the Cantucci of Prato, the Montecatini Pods and the classic bread white with bruschetta.

Villa Guardatoia” IGT Toscano Red

Villa Guardatoia” IGT Toscano Red

obtained from Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia Nera vines. A genuine red, intense color, with low alcohol content, fragrant and pleasantly fruity. Served with tomato bruschetta, or the classic bread and oil..

“Villa Guardatoia” IGT Toscano White

“Villa Guardatoia” IGT Toscano White

obtained from Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia del Chianti and Vermentino vines, it has a slightly amber color and it's slightly fragrant. To be drunk fresh and accompanied with white or red bruschetta, or with bread and oil.

Vin Santo “Tre Chiodi” D.O.C. White of Valdinievole

Vin Santo “Tre Chiodi” D.O.C. White of Valdinievole

'Tre Chiodi' sweet wine consisting of Trebbiano Toscano vines (70%), Malvasia del Chianti (25%) and Vermentino (5%). The long process of production goes from the natural withering of the best grapes, occuring in vinsantaia for 4 months, until maturing and aging in oak and chestnut casks for a minimum of three years. For this reason, Vin Santo "Tre Chiodi" looks shiny, with gold and amber reflections, and has alcoholic and delicate notes of dried fruit and flavorings. At the Guardatoia, you could taste it with the Montecatini pods and the Prato cantucci.

"Villa Guardatoia" extra-virgin olive oil

"Villa Guardatoia" extra-virgin olive oil

obtained from the Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino varieties. For the third consecutive year, our Oil joined the Slow Food Extra Virgin Olive Oil Guide, which reviews the best Italian extra virgin olive oils from the last harvest. It has a green hue, light golden reflections and the characteristic veiling typical of unfiltered oil. We serve it in the best and easiest way: raw, on Tuscan white bread.

Millefiori Honey "Villa Guardatoia"

Millefiori Honey "Villa Guardatoia"

light, fragrant, fully sweet, with aroma containing traces of acacia and citrus, produced in June. Or darker, with a bitterish note and the scent of prunes and green tomato jam, produced in September. To be tasted paired with Tuscan pecorino.