Our history

The Cecchi de'Rossi's family, owner of Villa Guardatoia, has an ancient and secular history, strongly linked to the territory of Pescia and Pistoia. The first historical evidence dates back to the year 1000, to the noble family Cecchi di Monte, located in Pescia. In the second half of the 1600s, the family built the Guardatoia, as a summer residence and hunting lodge on the hill between the mount and the valley, in the tradition of the time.

The origins of De' Rossi, a noble family from Pistoia, also dates back to the medieval age, as testified by the street and the Palazzo, a few steps from the Duomo, today the headquarters of the Cassa di Risparmio Di Pescia and Pistoia. Two surnames became one in the last century, by the will of Domenico (Cecchi) and Paola (De'Rossi), married on June 2, 1947, in the strong will to give a future to the family tradition.

Today the Guardatoia is the symbol of an ancient history, curated by the brothers Marco, Lorenzo and Candida, who run the family farm and agritourism, Marzalla. Martina, first nephew, takes care with Candida the opening of the Garden and the Bersò, places much loved by Paola and Domenico, who have looked after the growth and beauty of the Villa for their entire life.